Energetic, Meditative, Spiritual Original Fine Art

"Purple Pua" - Acrylic

"Purple Pua" original painting; acrylic on canvas


Colors are known to affect our moods...moods affect our energy level.

Fragrant flowers perfumes my homeland on Kauai and many places in Hawaii.


I chose to share my art upon my awakening to my gifts as an artist and clairsentient. While studying about ancestral history, I gained an elevated appreciation for art and designs which originate from my native and ancient homelands. My art is an homage to designs from places I love and what makes me happy. 


"Purple Pua" is part of the Aloha Mandala Collection. It is inspired by my love for mandala and other design elements found from India and throughout the Pacific. As I continue my studies in finding and knowing truths in my life - I'm also attaining greater measures of peace which comes much more easily when I focus on the present moment. I find myself energized when I have a madala in my space - which is the magic that it brings. The Aloha Mandala Collection is meant to energize and inspire you too. I hope this design inspires and energizes your space and it be filled with love, peace, creativity, strength, calm and happiness.


I am thankful for the gifts which God has granted me and I thank you for visiting my website.


If you would like this painting or have any questions, please call me at 916-622-2487 or email artist@sherrilujan.com


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