Energetic, Meditative, Spiritual Original Fine Art

"Spring Cana" - Acrylic

An acquaintance recently celebrated her birthday - and I thought to paint her this. She showed me pictures of the most unusual flowers which she has cultivated for over 12 years. She's very proud of how she has set up these beautiful blossoms - and how they have withstood the years in her garden. She showed a picture of this one most curious variety. It's called "Cleopatra" and it is a Cana.

I spent a glorious seven hours of bliss creating this using acrylics on a canvas. As I tidied up my house earlier in the morning, I also prepared my mind, spirit and body for a day of creating. Peace surrounded me in my studio as I spent time with this canvas. And I had a wonderful companion Coco, my most precious, sweet kitty - who is curious about paints and somehow manages to step in my pallet when I'm not watching. This time getting yellow on one of her paws. Most of the time I spend painting she usually comes into the studio and lays on the table next to a big window which lets in light and it is right next to my easel.

I thought of my acquaintance as I was planning this painting out. She is a gentle, kind, encouraging - yet strong - powerful voice, strength in spirit, bold at times. I tried to give life to this subject in a more realistic perspective. The flowers itself is very dramatic with a major contrast of yellow and red colors along with its shape. I felt that the image of the flowers spoke about the receiver and her essence.

Loving, good thoughts was infused with each brush stroke. The background colors and style represents light and darkness coming together in a loving space - with an abstract feel - a place for this "Cleopatra Cana" to reside in peace, love and light.
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